• The Concept

    The Concept

    The Cork Tree Residences offers a unique and innovative blueprint for retirement living not only within Portugal but also Europe.

The Concept

Retirement village

Independent living – Assisted living – Nursing home

In a 30ha estate enveloped by pristine nature in Comporta, we have a new, purpose build complex with a different philosophy in mind.

We intend to embrace different aspects of retired life in order to provide our clients with what The Cork Tree Residences believes everyone should have access to once they reach retirement age.

The perfect
retirement idyll

At The Cork Tree Residences we have done all possible to create the perfect retirement idyll: Year-round sun, luxury accommodation, organically grown local produce, access to a myriad of services and facilities on tap, close to all cultural events in the Portuguese capital - Lisbon and combined it with a sustainable ethos.

We decided that The Cork Tree Residences should not just offer one type of retirement lifestyle but should be flexible enough to fit the needs of all its discerning clients. It needed to be set within a beautiful and secluded location and yet able to offer easy access to a host of activities such as gardening, sailing, golf, horse-riding, walking and shopping. It also needed to be flexible enough to provide high level and high dependency care if and when the need arises.

Ideally Located

Ideally located in one of the most exclusive and hidden gems of the Portuguese coast - Comporta - with the longest white sandy beach in Europe, surrounded by countryside and nature, and yet close to Lisbon, the location is able to offer beauty and tranquility with easy access to shopping, sightseeing, restaurants and all the trappings of a cosmopolitan lifestyle.

In the 30ha estate there are just 40 purpose-built, fully detached, 135sqm two-bedroomed villas, in four different architectural styles for you to choose the one you like the most. The properties are supported by a 2,400sqm services building, ensuring your every need is taken care of, now and in the future.

A firm focuses
on sustainability

What’s more, The Cork Tree Residences does all this with a firm focus on sustainability. Through a combination of energy positive homes, renewable energy, energy storage, water management, atmospheric water generator and waste-to-resource systems, the development is entirely self-sufficient for its energy and water needs.

With an on-site, 650sqm greenhouse that uses the very latest in vertical farming aeroponics technology, our own free-range animals and being just 15km from fish purchased at source, we can provide our clients with fresh, organic, locally produced food.

High quality, community
retirement living

The Cork Tree Residences provides the ideal solution to the problem of where to find high quality, community retirement living. With simple transparent services fees, we ensure that we include all the care you will ever need to provide you with financial certainty and peace of mind.

Much is said about the benefits of community living but The Cork Tree Residences balances community living with an exceptional standard of quality and sustainability, merging the concept of retirement village with exceptional nursing home facilities, on hand for whenever they’re needed.

We understand that you know what works best for you. We are here to help and to ensure that you continue to enjoy the same quality lifestyle, minus the daily annoyances. After all, we want is for you to be delighted, every day. 

How we view
security and
the world

We have done all possible to ensure that the community of The Cork Tree Residences is safe, secure and operational independently of any external sources.

The idea is that we are prepared for all eventualities, no matter how unlikely. Because we live in an increasingly volatile and precarious world, it would be very remiss of us if we did not look at the bigger picture. If an event of global magnitude were to happen, such as Climate Change, we would have the ability, resources and infrastructure in place to be able to respond quickly.

Our residents are guaranteed full access to food, water, electrical power, heating and medical care, 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week, no matter the stress upon the external environment. The retirement village is ring fenced, has a single gatehouse and an around-the-clock service providing structural and personal security via a team of eight former army sergeants. 

This makes The Cork Tree Residences an incredibly safe place to be, particularly for the vulnerable and elderly in the event of any unforeseen event occurring in the world.

Explore the sublime landscape that is The Cork Tree Residences. Contact us for further information and to find out how blissful your life going forward into retirement can be.

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