• Frequently asked questions

    Frequently asked questions

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Frequently asked questions

1. What level of medical care can I expect?

We have a doctor who visits Cork Tree Residences three days per week and who is on call 24/7. In addition, four nurses provide 24/7 coverage. There is also one caretaker for every three residents.

2. What qualifications and experience does your staff have?

Our staff has been recruited specifically because they have hotel, leisure and care home experience. This combination ensures we are able to adapt to serving a variety of needs.

We ensure that all client-facing staff have the minimum of an NVQ level 4 or equivalent qualification. We also require all staff to undergo a minimum of three days of CPD training each year.

3. How many team members are on duty overnight?

At least one nurse is on active duty each night, with a second member of the nursing staff on-call alongside the on-call doctor. In addition, four caretakers and two members of security staff are also on night duty.

4. Can staff administer medications?

Only our nursing staff can administer medication. For this reason, we always have nursing staff on duty.

5. Do you do initial medical assessments on admission?

Yes, every client will receive a medical evaluation during their first week of arrival at The Cork Tree Residences. This helps us to establish whether there are unidentified or unmet needs and ensures we are able to provide the appropriate level of care.

In addition, all clients are given an assessment on a six months basis to ensure that the level of care remains appropriate.

6. What types of accommodation are available?

All the accommodation provided is in the form of two-bedroom fully detached villas. The private rooms at our main building are only for temporary use in situations where greater care or recovery from surgical procedure or medical condition is required.

This enables constant supervision to be supplied for clients who would normally be living in the villas.

7. Do i own my own home?

Yes. Each property in The Cork Tree Residences is sold on a freehold basis. It is your home, held as your own asset - and, of course, you are free to sell at any stage, on the open market. So you are able to enjoy the benefits of a continued investment in a property of your own. We guarantee to buy back your villa at the price paid by you.

8. What happens when i want to sell my property?

The Cork Tree Residences will assist you or your family in securing the sale of your property. Yet you can instruct a further estate agent or multiple agents if you wish – they can work alongside us or instead of us if you prefer. Yet we guarantee to buy back your villa at the price paid by you.

However you will be responsible for all of the fees and expenses of any other agents you appoint.

9. Can i make alterations to my property?

Subject to obtaining prior consent from The Cork Tree Residences, minor internal alterations can be made. However, when the villa is sold, we reserve the right to restore the property to its original condition at the expense of the outgoing owner.

10. Do i have a dedicated car parking space?

Yes. You have a free dedicated car parking space.

11. Does the monthly service fee cover my household contents insurance?

No. The monthly service fee only covers building insurance and you are advised to take out your own insurance for household contents.

12. Is there a selection policy for prospective purchasers?

The Cork Tree Residences does not discriminate on the grounds of age, marital status, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation or disability and is committed to a policy of equal opportunities and diversity.

Yet we do have some criteria – age (55 years and over) and financial assessment (to ensure their ability to meet the monthly service fee). We do not do rentals.

13. What is the monthly fee for your services?

We charge €3.000,00 per person for two persons sharing a villa. This can be a couple or two friends. Villas can also be used on a single occupancy basis, where the monthly service fee is €4.000.00. The prices will be raised annually based on the inflation rate.

Due to the extensive list of services provided and regardless of your future medical needs you will not have to worry about any extras in your monthly bill. As such I am confident you agree this represents good value for money.

15. Do you have any outdoor space?

We have 30 hectares of outdoor space surrounded by gardens and, beyond that, a forest of cork and pine trees. This is exclusively for the use of our clients along with their friends and family. The property is ring-fenced and fully secure.

16. What is your discharge policy?

The Cork Tree Residences will evict clients who have not paid their monthly instalment for four consecutive months (on a first occasion basis). The Cork Tree Residences reserves the right to reduce that eviction notice on a second or subsequent basis.

17. What additional services are available if the needs of a resident change?

The Cork Tree Residences will provide all the care our clients will ever need, including palliative care, provided it is physically possible for us to do so within our facilities.

If a client needs a surgical procedure or a specialist appointment, including those with opticians or dentists, we will arrange such appointments with a private hospital, but any such services provided outside The Cork Tree Residences are paid for separately by the client.

18. What are your billing and payment policies?

The monthly fee is paid in advance up to the 7th of every month. Expenses incurred up to the 27th of each month, such as extra drinks or laundry, will be paid together with the monthly fee of the following month by direct debit from the client’s nominated bank account.

19. What services are included in the monthly fee?

The “services” section of the website details all those services included within the monthly fee. This comprehensive list – replicated in the contract you sign - details everything that is included.

Any other service is not included and will levy an additional charge. Some of those extras – and their guideline prices - are detailed within the services menu so that you can determine likely charges.

20. Does The Cork Tree Residences offer security?

Yes. We own our private security company which is provided by former army sergeants. The entire structure is secured 24/7 including patrols around the whole perimeter. The resort is fitted with intercoms, discrete security cameras and there is only one gate which is manned 24/7.

The Cork Tree Residences villas are secure with combined intercoms, telephones and private alarms. Your home will be safe whether you’re at home or travelling.

21. Are pets welcome at The Cork Tree Residences?

Yes. We recognise that owning a pet is an essential requirement for many homeowners and a therapeutic one too. Dangerous breeds are not allowed. Exotic animals or difficult dogs need to be pre-approved prior to arrival at The Cork Tree Residences.

22. Can family and friends stay with me?

Yes. Family and friends are welcome at The Cork Tree Residences. This idea is at the core of our vision since all villas have a 2nd bedroom for exactly that purpose.

In addition, there is a six-bedroomed villa on site, which can be rented in its entirety or on a per room basis. Visiting children are to be supervised by the homeowners as you would expect. We ask that your visitors respect the onsite rules. No noise after 10pm.

23. Can I rent my villa at The Cork Tree Residences?

No. To ensure the integrity of our community, we only allow villas to be occupied by the owners.

24. Who is responsible for the maintenance of all the gardens?

The Cork Tree Residences looks after the exterior maintenance of your home, garden and all common areas. You are not responsible for any area around your home; we do it all for you.

25. Is there any public transport nearby?

Yes. The bus and train station, providing access to Lisbon or the Algarve, is just 10m minutes away. We can also take you to town anytime you wish.

26. What sort of transport do you have for clients?

We have a bus and a minivan chauffeur driven, which is entirely at the disposal of our clients to go anywhere they wish. Obviously we will need to organise it in the most efficient manner but always with the client’s needs in mind. After all, the means of transport is theirs to use.

27. Does the monthly service fee cover internal decoration and maintenance of my villa?

No. You are responsible for the decoration and interior maintenance of your villa. We look after the exterior maintenance and are always available to help you with any problem, whatever that might be.

28. Does the monthly service fee cover my villa’s utilities bills?

Yes. You will not have to worry about electricity; heating; water or waste bills. It is all included in your monthly fee.

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