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    We expect demand for our luxury villas to be high.


We are now open for pre-reservations. This enables those who want to enjoy a delectable retirement in Portugal to set aside the perfect villa for them in our luxury resort. Put your name on a Cork Tree Residences villa today and prevent disappointment.

Your villa

When you buy a luxury villa from us, you are acquiring a brand new purpose-built fully detached 135sqm two bedroom villa, not only for yourself but also to receive family and friends for holidays. Your exquisitely located hidden gem will be nestled away on the Portuguese coast, in an area referred to as the ‘Hamptons of Europe’, at Comporta.

Perfectly named, it has one of the longest white sandy beaches in the world. The 30ha are completely surrounded by lush countryside and at one with nature, your villa is close to Lisbon. Here you will have everything required to live a fulfilling and wonderful life, all whilst living in a glamorous and sophisticated complex with every comfort as well as necessary medical care.

Your Choice

Currently you are able to choose from 4 different architectural designs - all with energy certificate rating A - and where in the master plan of the retirement village you would like to live. (See our Menu - Blueprints) This really is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity because once these villas sell out; they will most likely not be available again for at least fifteen years. Which means in the future there will be no choice as villas will only be offered for sale as they become re-available.

We do not accept capital to pre-reserve a villa with us, yet we need proof of capital. 

If you do not see yourself and your partner or friend sharing one of our luxury villas we thank you for the time spent reading about us but we would kindly ask you not to engage with the reservation process.

We have to mention this since we only have 40 units and do not have permission to build any more plus we are targeting 8 European countries and 5 outside Europe. You are committing to place a deposit in the form of 25% the purchase price, by the time contruction is initiated. Once you have paid your deposit, it will not be available to anyone else. Hence availability is very limited.

You will be committing to reserve a two bedroom villa as well as paying for the services shown in our menu.

The cost of your luxury villa

  • €510.000,00 for a purpose build modern two bedroom fully detached unfurnished villa with 135sqm in a 510sqm lot of land – two en-suite bedrooms; living room & fully equipped kitchen with at least 50sqm; storage rooms; two private covered outside porches and private garden - of your choice, (subject to availability), as shown in the Architectural Blueprints. 

  • Golf buggy will be made available in every villa to move around the resort.

  • Covered private car park for one car per villa.

  • The villa is yours to sell or leave in your will. 

  • We guarantee to buy back your villa at the price paid by you.

Service fees:
  • €3.000,00 per month per person for double occupancy - either a couple or two friends. This is for the services shown in the menu.

  • €4.000,00 per month for single occupancy for the services described in the menu.

Protecting your biggest asset

Naturally, when you are considering your next move - and probably downsizing from a larger property - you want to be sure that the figures add up and that you are making a sound long-term financial decision.

The first and most important point to make about the financial implications of moving to The Cork Tree Residences is that, of course, you continue to own your home, retaining what is probably your most valuable asset, so that you can pass it on to your children, one day if you wish.

The Cork Tree Residences villas are sold on a freehold basis, which means you are able to enjoy the benefits of property ownership without many of the associated burdens.

The taxes benefits Portugal offers it is certainly something you should take advantage.

Making finances simple

We only have two fees in order to ensure that on top of all the services provided to you on a daily basis all the costs of running The Cork Tree Residences are met. This includes ongoing costs such as maintaining the exterior of your home, your building insurance, maintaining the village and the village grounds, as well as fees associated with managing and operating The Cork Tree Residences. Additionally at some point in the future, expensive structural repairs or improvements will become necessary, for instance, resurfacing roadways and pathways or reroofing properties.

To relieve you of these concerns, we need to collect 2 types of fee to ensure we have sufficient funds to cover all the ongoing costs of running the village and the expense of any major works required.

Our service fee
Every month you will receive a single invoice for all the services provided to you on a daily basis plus any extras you decide to acquire i.e. in the beauty salon or bistros. One important thing to note: The Cork Tree Residences villas owners have our firm undertaking that their monthly services fee will increase only once a year, on 1st March, based upon the previous December Retail Price Index % figure supplied by the Portuguese government. So you can be secure in the knowledge that there are no large unexpected price rises lying in wait for you.

We give owners at least a month’s notice of the RPI percentage increase for the following year.

What isn’t included in your fees
Because the house you live in is owned by you, you are responsible for the council tax and home contents insurance.

Our sales fee

As well as the monthly services fee, a sales fee is payable from the sale of your home, or change of occupier just like any real estate agency. This, together with the monthly services fee, ensures that everyone who lives at The Cork Tree Residences can do so knowing there will always be sufficient funds to carry out any works, maintain the continued high standard of the village and ensure that each property has the ability to increase its value within the housing market.

We consider that the sales fee is the most cost effective and efficient method to cover expenditure and, over a long term, this may work out at lower cumulative costs than some people may pay for upkeep and major works on their own family home.

You don’t pay anything until you sell your property then you will pay 5% on the value of the agreed sale price at the time of the exchange of contracts. We guarantee to buy back your villa at the price paid by you.

Ground rent

There is no ground rent to pay.

Sale of your villa

The Cork Tree Residences will assist you or your family in securing the sale of your property. The asking price for a property is set by the seller in agreement with The Cork Tree Residences. We aim for this to be a realistic price to maintain the integrity of The Cork Tree Residences retirement village. Yet you can instruct a further estate agent or multiple agents if you wish – they can work alongside us or instead of us if you prefer. However you will be responsible for all of the fees and expenses of any other agents you appoint. However, we guarantee to buy back your villa at the price paid by you. 

We will complete an assessment of your property and make recommendations on what actions need to be undertaken to present your property at its best. Please note that this is not a survey or valuation report. Under the terms of the contract the property has to be brought back to an as new standard and any alterations will be required to be reinstated when you leave. This ensures that sellers get the best price and purchasers are buying a property suitable to move straight into.

We can also assist you with organising and overseeing any removals, cleaning, dressing, redecoration, refurbishment or upgrading works that will maximise the value of your property and make it most attractive to potential purchasers.

The Cork Tree Residences will assist in the progression of a sale from reservation to completion. Your property can only be sold to retirees over 55 years old. This is a legal obligation and we need to guarantee the candor of the retirement village.

All prospective purchasers have to be approved by The Cork Tree Residences and meet appropriate criteria – age (55 years and over) and financial assessment (to ensure their ability to meet the monthly service fee and other costs of living at The Cork Tree Residences.)

The responsibility for all ongoing costs e.g. monthly service fee and council tax remains with the owner until completion of the sale.

Taking your instructions on the sale of your property

You have to give The Cork Tree Residences first refusal to buy your property at a price you want to sell it at before selling it to somebody else.

If you subsequently decide to sell for a lower figure you must then offer it back to The Cork Tree Residences at this lower price. The 5% sale fee payment still applies whether you sell to The Cork Tree Residences or any other party.

The services we provide for the sales fee will include:

  • Receiving and validating enquiries from prospective purchasers.
  • Arranging appointments to view.
  • Conduct comprehensive viewings of your property as well as a tour of our facilities. 
  • Detailed explanation of our services, offerings and associated activities.
  • Full explanation of the nursing home services available.
  • Assessments of prospective purchasers health & well-being.
  • Full explanation of the terms of the sales contract.
  • Instruction to our solicitors to answer purchasers solicitors questions.
  • Progression of the sales from reservation to completion.
  • Assistance from our staff with regards to packing, removals, utility transfers etc.
The Cork Tree Residences complex consists of the following

The Main Central Services Building

  • Reception area.
  • Restaurant with seated service and outdoor space.
  • Bistro/bar in the greenhouse with outdoor space.
  • Bistro/bar with outdoor space.
  • Medical office.
  • Nurses office.
  • Supporting bedrooms for clients needing more intensive nursing care with private WC.
  • Library with books in English as well as assorted native languages.
  • Computer stations connected to the internet.
  • Gym containing multi-gym equipment.
  • Studio for Yoga, Pilates and physiotherapy classes.
  • Indoor heated swimming pool with male and female changing rooms and relaxation area.
  • Jacuzzi.
  • Sauna.
  • Turkish bath.
  • Massage room.
  • Cinema and TV room.
  • Waiting room.
  • Lounge.
  • Meeting room.
  • Art studio.
  • Handicraft studio.
  • Mini Supermarket.
  • Non-denominational chapel.
  • Hairdresser and beauty salon.
  • Several WC amenities.

The Accessible Common Grounds

  • Tennis courts.
  • Horses stables.
  • Croquet pitch.
  • Gardens.
  • External heated swimming pool with male and female changing rooms and relaxation area.
  • Jogging track.
  • Exterior exercise machines.
  • Several rest areas within the village with benches and shade structures.
  • Greenhouse with its own vegetables and fruit, allowing us to have fresh organic products on a daily basis.
  • Several huts for free-range farming animals and beehives for honey production.
  • Dog & cat kennels.
  • Car park.
  • Garage.
  • Security guards house controlling 24/7 the single entrance to the resort.
  • Fenced resort with CCTV system covering all the perimeter.
  • Renewable energy PowerStation.
  • 2 industrial generators for any temporary failure in the Solar Panels PowerStation.
  • Water drilled holes for farming, animals, gardens, fire hazards and in case use by utilities.
  • Fire Engine.

You deserve the best and this applies to your retirement too. Explore the sublime landscape that is The Cork Tree Residences in Portugal. Contact us for further information and to find out how blissful your life going forward into retirement can be.

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